Howels Admission Test

10د.ك 30 minutes



Course Description

It is the attendance foundation course, by the specially accredited curricula of Howels Center for English foundation. The child will be taught by teachers from both American and British nationalities, and they will improve the English skills of the student (Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing). We guarantee the significant evolution of the English language after completing the whole level in its three stages A B C.

The learner should be able to:

▪️ Identify a limited range of words and phrase such as: letters, numbers, occupations, places, directions, transportation, clothes, relatives, activities, housing, weather, food, and injuries.
▪️ Comprehend words in a short slow-paced listening passage.

▪️ Produce comprehensible speech according to the basic vocabulary and sentences learned.
▪️ Engage in very limited social conversations using familiar English words and supported by gestures to express basic survival needs such as: introduce himself/herself and others, answer where he/she lives and ask others, talk about people he/she knows and things he/she has.
▪️ Respond to simple questions in short slow-paced conversations, using beginner’s pronunciation/stress/intonation patterns.

▪️ Find basic and specific information about dates, names, times, and places through scanning.
▪️ Answer specific questions about simple sentences with some grammatical accuracy.

▪️ Produce simple sentences using a limited number of basic words and phrases.
▪️ Complete very simple forms.

 4 – 15 years old

 – 2 days a week

 – Once a week intensive

 120 minutes


in addition:

+ Admission Test 10KD

+ Learning Materials 4KD

For 1 month enrollment

Admission Test Appointment

We test the learner’s language level before starting the course to determine the basic plan and appropriate strategies that should be followed with each student.